Tuesday, June 14, 2011

play is optional

driving down a popular road in nashville, in the middle of an open field, i spotted this bright blue jacketed, blonde haired young girl prancing around like the free people we have the choice to be. fearing that going for her portrait would be a commitment to more time than the average portrait stop, i beat that fear back and chased her down for the project's sake. i got out of my car, and i immediately noticed that i know this girl... the daughter of two friends of mine. she was in the throes of playing with her sister in this field, and she responded to my approach with a bit of timidity and indifference. i was dressed in the all whites of a house painter, and i was not an expected participant in her frolicking games. luckily, her mom was willing to allow me to interject my objectives into the middle of playtime. over the course of the next fifteen minutes or so, i naturally became part of the playing, so much so, that even as i was preparing to leave, she was hanging on me like i was playground equipment that had decided to depart; she was not done playing with this set of monkey bars. it is good to feel wanted.

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