Tuesday, May 24, 2011

two because of work

there are likely seven degrees of separation between me and a million people in relationship to my interior painting work. maybe somebody, someday with have a computer code that can put a "family tree" on such a thing. not that it would serve much purpose, but it would be interesting. the gentleman here signed his divorce papers on this particular day, and often when i hear this type of news these days, i feel inclined to say "congratulations." it seems so callus or cynical... but i have experienced so many acquaintances in my life that have married the "wrong" person, and to separate from them, admit the mistake, and move on is a life affirming decision. on the other hand, which may not be as strong these days, is the fact these unions were made to be "forever," and experience has now shown that many vows are empty. what do i make of this? nothing that i will espouse of here. these two folks don't deserve that. i hope that he is doing well with his new situation. i painted this woman's house many years ago, and then she bought some art from me; thanks again.

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