Sunday, May 8, 2011

all's well that ends well

on this eighth day of may, i am very pleased to share with you all that i have successfully gone 365 days in a row taking portraits of random people (every day.) it has been a curious adventure... sometimes challenging and always real. people have surprised me with their enthusiasm. it was extremely rare for someone to deny me my request to photograph them "as they are, where they are." there were often hesitations, but they were usually followed by a bit of humor, and then an easygoing series of portraits. i realized yesterday that i have blogged about half of my subjects, so, it seemed perfect that i now have an equal amount of subjects to post about to "finish" the project. also, over the next six months, i will examine the possibilities of creating a product (book) to physically document this project. i would also like to have an exhibit of all of the portraits (somewhere down the road.) i have another portrait project in the works... it seems that i have become "addicted" to approaching beautiful strangers and taking their photograph. i have no idea how it will all progress, but that is one of the things that makes it so exciting/enticing. i hope to get back into a little more "regular" blogging so that i don't get buried deeper in these portraits. i appreciate your checking in on this project, and i hope that you have enjoyed it so far, and please keep coming back to see the remaining cast of characters that i photographed. the portraits that accompany this post are the only ones that i took during the year where the face is not exposed... i sort-of think that it's fitting for this particular post. he is a local fine art photographer who occasionally incorporates this masked effect on his subjects. this was taken the day before halloween... boo.

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