Thursday, April 14, 2011


there are hundreds of locals that take care of thousands of children every day... teaching them about letters, colors, music, patience, love, and the plethora of other valuable gifts that life has to offer; this woman is one of those teachers. many children spend more time during the week with preschool teachers than they do with their parents, and this fact makes these teachers more valuable than any salary can ever achieve. when i think of the millions of dollars in bonus money that particular executives receive every year, my stomach turns until i nearly get sick... the preschool teacher can remedy this sickness when i think of how much of themselves they give to make the little people of this world better people. it is a world full of off-balance absurdity sometimes, and i do my best to get back to the ones like this woman who offer goodness and light to the cause... love.

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  1. love these photos of the beautiful laure! what a sweet write up too... thanks, dane. here's to our teachers.