Sunday, April 10, 2011

holy dang... eleven months down, one to go

davis kidd, the local king of booksellers closed in december... next came the announcement of borders closing a number of it's branches... next, this guy here is looking to get out from under his crumbling online book store. the age of the page turners is past. we now have entered a sort-of no-man's-land in regards to the distribution of literature (and music.) we are in the deep of the digital age, treading water, and the changes that have befallen us are enormous. i don't really want to comment too much here about it, because it is a sad truth of our "evolution," and i just don't have room for sad at the moment. why? well, i have just crossed the eleven month mark of this project, and i am celebrating. i have come a very long way, and most exciting is that i only need about 29 more portraits to complete this challenge that i set up for myself. i am proud and pleased. there are many wonderful blog posts to create for this project (i am still posting from october,) so the connection to this will continue for me (and the chosen few who follow this.) and after the photographing is done, i can start to look at both what project is next, and how will i finish this one. i know that i will make at least one book for my own documentation, and i hope to make copies available to others as well. i really have little idea how it will unfold, for there are a number of other irons in the fire, and i can only handle so much until i can afford an assistant or two (and a manager.) so, for now, i will continue shooting the portrait of the day, posting on this blog, and celebrating the final month of this extraordinary experience... i hope that you will celebrate with me (and continue to check in here over the following months.) i appreciate you; thanks.

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